Fixing the Resolution

We have sucessfully rendered a triangle with a shader, however it's kind-of blurry. This is because the resolution of the buffer that the webgl is rendering does not match the resolution of the image in the browser.

We need to have some code that figures out what size the canvas output is, and makes sure that the webgl has that as it's output resolution.

Easy enough:

    fn check_resize(&mut self) {
        let client_width = self.canvas.client_width();
        let client_height = self.canvas.client_height();
        let canvas_width = self.canvas.width() as i32;
        let canvas_height = self.canvas.height() as i32;
        if client_width != canvas_width || client_height != canvas_height {
            self.canvas.set_width(client_width as u32);
            self.canvas.set_height(client_height as u32);
                .viewport(0, 0, client_width, client_height);
            log(&format!("Resized to {}:{}", client_width, client_height));

I ran this inside the updateAnimationFrame loop. This probably isn't ideal because it involves sending/receiving data bewteen WASM and JS lots of times per second. Unfortunately there isn't an "onresize" event that works for generic elements. This could be run just when the canvas initalizes, but then it won't catch the user zooming.